Google Speech Recognition

This addon enables you to use speech recognition to write text using a few keystrokes.


  • Open the configuration dialog for this addon from the NVDA menu.
  • From the long list of languages, select the languages that you speak, and press ok.
  • At least one language has to be selected at all times.
  • For example English, French and German.
  • Now you are ready to use speech recognition, go to any text field such as in your browser or to a text document.
  • Press NVDA+y to cycle between your configured languages.
  • To start dictating, press NVDA+shift+g, you will hear a high pitched beep.
  • Start speaking in the chosen language .
  • To stop dictation, press the same shortcut, and this time you will hear a low pitched beep. Note: if you do not stop the recording, it will automatically be stopped after 10 seconds. Bare in mind the shorter time interval, the higher accuracy.
  • The speech will be sent to the Google speech recognition service, and when the transcription is returned, NVDA will announce it.
  • If the recognition is correct, press the accept shortcut, NVDA+g, and the text will be written to your cursor position.
  • If the recognition was not correct, simply rerecord but use a smaller chunk of words. You might need to split a long sentence into two or three chunks.
  • When you want to speak in a different language, simply cycle to one of your languages and repeat the steps.

Key Commands

  • NVDA+shift+g, Start/stop recording.
  • NVDA+g, accept transcription result.
  • NVDA+y, Cycle between your chosen languages.