Windows 10 App Essentials

This add-on is a collection of app modules for various Windows 10 apps, as well as fixes for certain windows 10 controls.

The following app modules or support modules for some apps are included (see each app section for details on what is included):

  • Alarms and Clock.
  • Calculator (modern).
  • Cortana
  • Insider Hub (Windows Insiders only).
  • Settings (system settings, Windows+I).
  • Twitter.
  • TeamViewer Touch.
  • Miscellaneous modules for controls such as Start Menu tiles.


  • In context menus for Start Menu tiles, submenus are properly recognized.
  • When minimizing windows (Windows+M), "pane" is no longer announced (noticeable if using Insider Preview builds).

Alarms and clock

  • Time picker values are now announced. This also affects the control used to select when to restart to finish installing Windows updates.


  • When ENTER is pressed, NVDA announces calculation results.


  • Textual responses from Cortana are announced in most situations (if it doesn't, reopen Start menu and try searching again).

Insider/Feedback Hub and TeamViewer Touch

  • Insider Hub (Feedback Hub in Anniversary Update) only: Meant to be used by Windows Insiders running an Insider build.
  • Labels for radio buttons are announced.
  • TeamViewer Touch: Lables for buttons are announced.


  • Certain information such as Windows Update progress is now reported automatically.


  • Button labels are now announced.