Becky accessibility enhancements

This plugin improves accessibility of Becky! Internet Mail.

Keyboard commands:

  • NVDA+Shift+U - reports amount of all and unread messages in the current folder
  • NVDA+Shift+a - in the message composer moves focus to the list of attachments if it is visible.

These shortcuts can be reassigned in the Becky category from the Input Gestures dialog

Changes for 0.3-dev:

  • Compatibility with NVDA 2022.1
  • Various other bug fixes

Changes for 0.2-dev:

  • Compatibility with NVDA 2021.1
  • Added a command to focus list of attachments
  • Links in the message viewer can now be activated by pressing enter
  • It should be possible to retrieve amount of unread and all messages even when Windows taskbar is set to autohidden