Bluetooth Audio add-on is abandoned. Silence playing functionality has been merged to NVDA core as of version 2024.2 and is turned on by default, so no further action is required.

If you would like to hear white noise, you would need to set a hidden option: 1. Open NVDA.ini. If you have installed copy of NVDA, it is located at %APPDATA%\NVDA\nvda.ini. 2. Quit NVDA and open Narrator. 3. Find [audio] section. 4. Within that section, add the following line: whiteNoiseVolume = 50 5. Save and close the file. Restart NVDA.


Bluetooth Audio is an NVDA add-on that improves sound quality when working with bluetooth or RF headphones or speakers.

多くのbluetoothデバイスは、アクティブでなくなった数秒後にスタンバイモードに入ります。つまり、NVDAが再度読み上げを開始する時、最初の何分の1秒かの音が読まれないことになります。Bluetooth Audioアドオンは、定常的に、人間の耳に聞こえない音を再生してスタンバイモードに入るのを防ぎます。

Bluetooth Audio can optionally play white noise sound instead of silence. This can be good for testing or to ascertain that Bluetooth Audio works as expected. However, same level of audio quality improvement can be achieved by playing silence.

警告:Bluetooth Audioアドオンの利用により、bluetooth機器のバッテリー寿命が短くなるかもしれません。


  • Current stable version (Python 3 only, requires NVDA 2019.3 or later): BluetoothAudio
  • Last Python 2 version (compatible with NVDA 2019.2 and prior): v1.0


Bluetooth Audio add-on doesn't have any keystrokes. It works as long as it is installed.

Source code

Source code is available at