• 作者: Neil Soiffer
  • NVDA互換性: 2018.1以降(それより前のバージョンはテストされていません)
  • ダウンロード 安定版


MathCAT has a number of configuration options that control speech, navigation, and braille. Many of these can be set in the MathCAT settings dialog (found NVDA Preferences menu). For more information on these settings, see the MathCAT documentation. The documentation includes a link to a table listing all of the navigation commands in MathCAT.

Note: MathCAT is a general library for generating speech and braille from MathML. It is used by other AT projects besides NVDA. For information on the MathCAT project in general, see the main MathCAT Documentation page.


  • 質の高いNemeth点字を必要とする人(Math PlayerのNemethはLiblouisのNemeth生成に基づいていて、修正するのが技術的に難しい重大なバグが多くあります)。
  • UEB技術点字を必要とする人
  • 最新の技術を試したく、バグを報告して進んで協力してくれる人
  • Eloquenceを音声として使用している人


  • Anyone who uses MathPlayer with a non-English language (translations exist for Indonesian and Vietnamese; translations will be coming in the future)
  • Nemethでない、UEBでない点字出力でMath Playerを使用している人(点訳を手伝いたい人はご連絡下さい)
  • Math PlayerよりAccess8Mathが好みな人(読み上げや他の機能で)

MathCATの読み上げの規則は、Math Playerの規則ほどまだ広範囲ではありません -- Math Playerが良いとされる他の理由にもなり得るかもしれません。MathCATは、MathML4の検証用に、あいまいな表記が正確に読み上げられ、推測にならないように、作者が意思を表現出来るように、使用されています。私は、MathCATの構造が使用に集中し、作者の意図と干渉しており、まだ完全には解決していないため、多くの規則を追加するのを延期しています。

MathCAT Update Log

Version 0.2

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Improvements to speech
  • A preference setting to control the duration of pausing (works with changes to relative speech rate for math)
  • Support to recognize chemistry notation and speak it appropriately
  • Translations to Indonesian and Vietnamese

Version 0.2.5

  • More improvements chemistry
  • Fixes for Nemeth:

    • Added "omission" rules
    • Added some rules for English Language Indicators
    • Added more cases where the Mulitpurpose indicator is needed
    • Fixes related to Nemeth and punctuation

Version 0.3.3

This release has a number of bug fixes in it. The major new features and bug fixes are:

  • Added Spanish Translation (thanks to Noelia Ruiz and María Allo Roldán)
  • Modified navigation so that it starts zoomed in one level
  • Added cntrl+alt+arrow as a way to navigate tabular structures. These keys should be more memorable because they are used for table navigation in NVDA.
  • Worked around NVDA bug for eSpeak voices that caused them to slow down when the relative MathRate was set to be slower than the text speech rate.
  • Worked around a OneCore voice problem so that they will speak the long 'a' sound.

There are lots of small tweaks to the speech and some bug fixes for both Nemeth and UEB.

Note: there is now an option to get Vietnam's braille standard as braille output. This is still a work in progress and is too buggy to be used other than for testing. I expect the next MathCAT release will contain a reliable implementation.

Version 0.3.8


  • Dialog has been internationalized (many thanks to the translators!)
  • Initial implementation of CMU -- braille code used in Spain and several Portuguese speaking countries
  • Significant improvements to Vietnamese braille
  • Change relative rate dialog slider to have a maximum value of 100% (now only allows setting slower rates). Also, added step sizes so it is easier to raise/lower the rate significantly.
  • Fix some UEB bugs and added some characters for UEB

Other fixes:

  • Improvements to Vietnamese speech
  • Fixed bug with OneCore voices saying "a"
  • Fixed some navigation bugs when AutoZoomOut is False (not the default)
  • Fix updating around language changes and some other dialog changes so they take effect immediately upon clicking "Apply" or "OK".