This add-on enhances math reading functionality in NVDA. Although NVDA comes with support for MathPlayer, there are certain missing features, including easier navigaiton mode for long math content, useful for understanding math expression structure.

Access8Math allows:

  • Read math content written in MathML in web browser(Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome).
  • Read Microsoft Word math content written in MathType. (MathPlayer installed only)
  • Navigate the math content by pressing "Space" in math content. Also, you can partially explore the subparts in expression and move or zoom the content between the subpart.
  • In navigation mode, indicate the meaning of subpart in the upper layer part.


  • Control+Alt+M: Switch the provider between Access8Math and MathPlayer (MathPlayer installed only).
  • Navigation mode commands:
    • Down arrow: Zoom in on a smaller subpart of the math content.
    • Up arrow: Zoom out to a larger subpartthe of the math content .
    • Left arrow: Move to the previous math content.
    • Right arrow: Move to the next math content.
    • Home: Move to the start of the math content.
    • Control+C: Copy object MathML source code.
    • Numpad 1 to 9: Use review cursor to read math content.
    • Escape: Exit the navigation mode.

Settings dialog

  • Language: Access8Math reading language
  • Analyze the mathematical meaning of content: Semantically analyze the math content, in line with specific rules, read in mathematical meaning of that rules.
  • Read the meaning of definied pattern in dictionary: When the pattern is definied in the dictionary, use dictionary to read the meaning of subpart in the upper layer part.
  • Read the meaning of auto-generated: When the pattern is not difined or incomplete in dictionary, use automatic generation function to read the meaning of subpart in the upper layer part.