Aktualizácie doplnkov

  • Author: Joseph Lee, Luke Davis
  • Stiahnuť stabilnú verziu
  • NVDA compatibility: 2023.1
  • This is a would-be legacy add-on: NVDA 2023.2 includes add-on update check functionality through add-on store

Umožňuje skontrolovať, sťahovať a aktualizovať doplnky. Doplnok súčasne rieši ticket 3208.

To check for updates after installing this add-on, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Check for add-on updates (if NVDA did notice updates, the menu item will say "Review add-on updates" followed by update count). If updates are available, a list of add-on updates will be shown, with each entry consisting of add-on name, current version, new version, and update channel. Select Update, and NVDA will download and apply updates in sequence, with a prompt to restart your NVDA shown afterwards.

Nasledujúce doplnky poskytujú vstavanú aktualizačnú funkciu, takže sa aktualizácie nebudú kontrolovať prostredníctvom tohto doplnku:

  • Rozšírenie pre Braille
  • Tienda NVDA (Spanish NVDA Community Store)


  • This is a proof of concept add-on. Once the relevant feature is included in NVDA in the form of an add-on store (introduced in NVDA 2023.2), this add-on will be discontinued.
  • This add-on requires Windows 10 Version 22H2 or later.
  • This add-on is not intended to be used in secure screens. If you have add-ons installed in the secure screen, even if you copy Add-on Updater to secure screen mode, Add-on Updater will not work.
  • Ak nové aktualizácie doplnku určujú rozsah kompatibility (minimálna a posledná testovaná verzia NVDA) a ak spustená verzia NVDA nespadá do rozsahu kompatibility, doplnok sa neaktualizuje.
  • Not all add-ons come with development releases. If you are not getting updates after choosing to install development versions of an add-on, switch to stable channel for affected add-ons.
  • On some systems (particularly computers joined to a corporate domain), add-on update check functionality may not work properly, therefore add-on updates must be downloaded manually.
  • Some features require NVDA to be installed on the computer.
  • Some add-on releases include SHA256 hash values for checking add-on package integrity (all add-ons published on add-on store include SHA256 values), and if the hash value does not match, add-on updating will fail.

Add-on settings

You can configure Add-on Updater settings from NVDA Settings screen (NVDA menu, Preferences, Settings) under Add-on Updater category. Add-on settings are as follows:

  • Automatically check for add-on updates: if checked, NVDA will check for add-on updates once a day. Automatic update checks is enabled on Windows client systems and disabled on server systems.
  • Add-on update notification: you can choose to receive update notification as a dialog or a toast. On server systems or running a portable copy of NVDA, update notification will be shown as a dialog.
  • Update add-ons in the background (update notification is set to toast): if checked, Add-on Updater will apply updates in the background. A toast will appear informing you that add-on updates are being downloaded and installed, followed by another message announcing update results. Same limitations as add-on update notification setting and toast must be selected from the above option in order for background updates to work.
  • Do not update add-ons: you can choose add-ons that should not be updated.
  • Prefer development releases: any add-ons checked in this list will receive development (prerelease) releases.
  • Development release channel (selected add-on must be checked from prefer development releases): allows selecting development updates coming from either dev or beta channel.
  • Add-on update source: you can choose where to get updates from. Currently Add-on Updater supports downloading updates from the sources listed below. A confirmation message will be shown after changing update source.

The available add-on update sources are:

  • NV Access add-on store (default)
  • Community add-ons website
  • Spanish community add-ons catalog
  • Catalogs maintained by NVDA communities in China and Taiwan

Version 23.10

  • Changed update notification message to mention NV Access add-on store if running NVDA 2023.2 or later and add-on update source is set to add-on store.

Version 23.09

  • Windows 10 Version 22H2 or later is required.

Version 23.08

This is the final version to support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 21H2 and earlier.

  • Add-on update results dialog or toast message will be shown once add-on store message is closed.
  • If add-on updates dialog is shown and then closed without installing add-ons, NVDA will no longer report no add-on updates when add-on updates are checked.
  • Add-on Updater will no longer present startup messages and perform update checks if updating a portable copy of NVDA.

Version 23.07

  • If using an NVDA release with add-on store included, a startup message will be shown informing users about the new add-on store. If this happens, add-on update results dialog will not be shown. Add-on Updater will continue to work.
  • Improved performance when checking for add-on updates from NV Access add-on store and community add-ons website update sources, particularly when no add-on updates are available.

Version 23.06

  • NVDA 2023.1 or later is required.
  • Changed default add-on update source from community add-ons website to NV Access add-on store.

Version 23.05

  • Add-on update channel will be displayed when reviewing available add-on updates.
  • NVDA will present a message about add-on store if using NVDA releases with add-on store included.

Version 23.04

  • Added development update channel setting to let users of development add-ons choose between dev and beta update channels. This option is shown if the selected add-on from prefer development releases list is checked.
  • NV Access add-on store is broadly available as an update source from Add-on Updater.

Version 23.03

  • Due to changes made to the website used by some update sources, this must be installed manually.
  • Added NV Access add-on store as an experimental add-on update source.

Version 23.02

  • NVDA 2022.4 or later is required.
  • NVDA will no longer offer what appears to be older add-on updates for most add-ons after checking for add-on updates. This applies to add-ons with version text of the form number.number.

Version 23.01

  • NVDA will check minimum Windows version for add-on updates if update source is set to NVDA community add-ons website.
  • Improved performance when downloading many ad-on updates at once. As a result, the order of add-on downloads shown in download progress dialog will be random.
  • Parts of the add-on now use Python's concurrent.futures module to improve performance, specifically update check and download processes.

Version 22.11

  • NVDA 2022.3 or later is required.

Version 22.10

  • Added catalogs from NVDA communities in China and Taiwan as add-on update sources (by Woody Tseng).

Version 22.09

  • NVDA 2022.2 or later is required.
  • NVDA will check SHA256 hash values while downloading add-on updates if the add-on update source includes hash values for add-on packages. If hash value is invalid, add-on updating will fail.

Version 22.08

  • Significant internal code reorganization and rewrites.
  • On Windows Server systems, automatic add-on update check feature is disabled by default (affects new installations).
  • Added ability to select different add-on update sources. Add-on Updater can check for updates hosted on community add-ons website (addons.nvda-project.org) or Spanish community add-ons catalog (nvda.es). A new combo box was added in add-on settings panel to select add-on update source.
  • On Windows 10 and later, it is possible to let Add-on Updater check for, download, and install add-on updates in the background provided that NVDA is actually installed and ad-on update notification is set to toast.
  • Redesigned add-on update download and install experience for multiple add-on updates, including use of a single dialog to show download progress for all add-ons and updating add-ons after downloading all of them.
  • If NVDA is set to announce update notifications as toasts, "check for add-on updates" menu item will become "review add-on updates" when updates become available, with the new name including add-on update count.
  • In NVDA 2022.1 and later, Add-on Updater can process command-line switches for this add-on (currently none).
  • In add-on updates dialog, add-ons disabled by the user are unchecked by default, and a confirmation message will be shown checking disabled add-ons and attempting to update them as doing so will enable them.

Version 22.07

  • URL's used by the add-on are now constants hosted inside a new module (contributed by Luke Davis).
  • Add-on download progress dialog is now centered on screen.

Version 22.03

  • Improved security by not loading the add-on when NVDA is running in secure mode.

Version 22.02

  • NVDA 2021.3 or later is required.
  • On Windows 10, add-on update toast notifications are localized.

Version 22.01

  • NVDA 2021.2 or later is required.
  • On server systems running Windows Server 2016 and later, add-on updates will be presented in a dialog instead of using toast notifications.

Version 21.10

  • It is again possible to check for add-on updates on some systems, notably after a clean Windows installation.

Version 21.09

  • NVDA 2021.1 or later is required.
  • on Windows 10 and later, it is possible to select add-on update notification between a toast message and an update dialog. This can be configured from Add-on Updater settings found in NVDA Settings screen.
  • Add-on Updater will no longer check minimum Windows release information for add-ons as add-ons such as Windows App Essentials provide better Windows compatibility information.

Version 21.07

  • On Windows 10 and later, a toast notification will be shown when add-on updates are available. Note that you cannot click this notification - you must open NVDA menu/Tools/Check for add-on updates to review updates.
  • When legacy add-ons dialog is shown at startup, you can now review legacy add-ons and reasons just like add-on updates.
  • Improved add-on update check internals, including use of add-on metadata collection provided by the community to validate add-on compatibility. Among other things, this eliminates add-on releases for adding update checks for new add-ons.

Version 21.05

  • NVDA will no longer play error tones if trying to check updates while using NVDA 2021.1 alpha snapshots, caused by changes to wxPython GUI toolkit.

Version 21.03

  • NVDA 2020.4 or later is required.
  • NVDA will present an error dialog if errors occur while checking for add-on updates such as loss of Internet connection.

Version 20.11

  • NVDA 2020.3 or later is required.
  • Resolved more coding style issues and potential bugs with Flake8.
  • NVDA will no longer play error tones or appear to do nothing when using the add-on while NVDA is running from source code. A message about this fact will be recorded in the log instead.

verzia 20.07

  • Vyžaduje NVDA od verzie 2020.1.
  • Ak používate nepodporované doplnky, tento nástroj na to upozorní a odporučí ich zakázanie alebo odinštalovanie.
  • Skratka ctrl+nvda+c uloží nastavenia doplnku. Ctrl+nvda+r načíta uložené nastavenia. Ctrl+nvda+r stlačené trikrát rýchlo za sebou obnoví pôvodné nastavenia doplnku. (Poznámka prekladateľa: toto sú predvolené skratky nvda a nie výhradné skratky doplnku. Myslite na to pri prípadnom resete nastavení doplnku, keďže skratka obnoví aj pôvodné nastavenia NVDA).

verzia 20.06

  • Opravené drobné chyby v kóde.

verzia 20.04

  • NVDA viac nehlási chybu pri pokkuse aktualizovať doplnky.
  • Opravená chyba, ktorá spôsobovala, že v menu nástroje nebola zobrazená položka aktualizovať doplnky.

verzia 20.03

  • Vyžaduje NVDA od verzie 2019.3.
  • Aktualizačný nástroj viac nekontroluje kompatibilitu doplnkov, nakoľko toto už kontroluje priamo NVDA.

Verzia 19.11

  • Ak sú dostupné aktualizácie, NVDA oznámi ich počet.

verzia 19.09

  • Vyžaduje NVDA od verzie 2019.2.
  • Opravené chyby pri sťahovaní doplnkov zo servera Github.

verzia 19.04

  • Vyžaduje sa NVDA 2019.1 alebo novší.
  • Pri inštalácií aktualizácií doplnkov sa kontroluje vyžadovaná a naposledy testovaná verzia NVDA.

Verzia 19.01

  • Vyžaduje sa NVDA 2018.4 alebo novší.
  • Vylepšená odozva pri kontrole aktualizácií doplnkov.
  • Doplnok je teraz kompatibilný s Pythonom 3.

Verzia 18.12.2

  • Pripravené pre Python 3.
  • Opravená kompatibilita s alpha verziami NVDA, v ktorých nefungovalo sťahovanie aktualizácií.

Verzia 18.12.1

  • Pridané preklady.

Verzia 18.12

  • Pridaná možnosť aktualizovať aj zakázané doplnky. Po aktualizácii ostanú zakázané doplnky aj naďalej vypnuté.
  • Pri aktualizácii sa skontroluje vyžadovaná verzia NVDA a operačného systému. Ak nie sú splnené systémové požiadavky, NVDA na to upozorní a doplnok sa nebude aktualizovať.
  • Ak je povolená kontrola automatickej aktualizácie a sú pripravené na aktualizácie, NVDA zobrazí aktualizácie namiesto toho, aby sa vás NVDA opýtal, či chcete skontrolovať aktualizácie.

Verzia 18.10

  • Prvé stabilné vydanie, označené ako návrh.