Blind Extra

  • Author: Ahmed Star

This add-on claimed to allow access to certain extra software.

In November 2016, this add-on was flagged as a remote access Trojan (remotely accessing another computer and damaging files without users knowing it) by members of the NVDA add-ons community for the following reasons:

  • Renaming files after using it for a while without users noticing it.
  • Remote access, including sending Skype messages.

Note: this add-on was never hosted on the community add-ons website.

The add-ons community urges NVDA users to uninstall this add-on, and run antivirus programs, as well as format your disk if sensative information is on this computer. The add-ons community would also like to remind users to be careful when installing add-ons from untrusted sources, as NVDA add-ons can perform various things, including accessing the file system and the Internet. NVDA add-ons are powerful pieces of software which can do amazing things, but must be treated with care. Add-ons that do not come from this site are not checked by the Add-ons community. Thank you.