An NVDA add-on with some accessibility enhancements for the interface of Calibre eBook Management

  • F10 brings the focus to the toolbar. Then you can navigate it with standard keys (tab and arrows); enter to activate item and key applications to display the context menu; escape to exit the toolbar.
  • F12 search the current book in Google
  • NVDA+Alt+End says the total of books in the current library view and the number of books selected
  • NVDA+Control+H open the context menu for settings of the current column
  • I in library view reads the book information.

Keystrokes can be customized in Preferences of NVDA > Input gestures when calibre are open. Also you can define in preferences the way NVDA reads the table headers in the library (rows and columns, columns only or none).

Take a look at the documentation of Calibre for know more Keyboard shortcuts.

Covered by the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING.txt for more details.