Columns Review

Columns Review is an add-on to read and copy items in a list column by column. It supports lists with a potentially infinite number of columns, and you can navigate them using keyboard or numpad digits. The column headers can be read but not copied, or vice versa.

Additionally, it provides a way to interact with column headers, and can announce "0 elements" when a list is empty.

See below for more details about supported list.

Key Commands

Default keys associated with numbers are NVDA and control, but you can customize them from add-on settings. See settings also for numpad/keyboard mode and layout.

  • NVDA+control+digits from 1 to 0 (keyboard mode) or from 1 to 9 (numpad mode): pressed once, read the chosen column, pressed twice, copy it;
  • NVDA+control+numpadMinus (numpad mode): read or copy the 10th, 20th, etc column;
  • NVDA+control+- (default, EN-US layout, keyboard mode): in a list with 10+ columns, let you to change interval and read columns from 11 to 20, from 21 to 30, and so on; see settings to change last char according to your layout;
  • NVDA+control+numpadPlus (numpad mode): exactly as previous command;
  • NVDA+control+enter (eventually numpadEnter in numpad mode): open column headers manager;
  • Arrows (in empty list): repeat "0 elements" message.

For developers and advanced users

List types supported by numeric gestures are:

  • SysListView32;
  • DirectUIHWND (present in 64-bit systems);
  • WindowsForms10.SysListView32.* (applications that use .NET);
  • Mozilla table (tipically, Thunderbird message list, thread-grouping supported).

All numeric gestures are associated on and only on supported lists, when these are not empty.

Any listview potentially supports empty announcement (so, not DirectUIHWND nor Mozilla table).