Custom Notifications

  • Authors: José Fischer, Noelia Ruiz Martínez

This add-on is used to customize toast notifications.

You can choose to read the whole notification or just the application which sends it, and if notifications will be spoken, displayed in braille or both.


Go to NVDA's menu, Preferences submenu, Settings, and select the Custom Notifications category. There you'll find the following controls:

  • A checkbox to choose if notifications should be truncated, checked by default.
  • An edit box to set the start limit of notifications, empty by default.
  • An edit box to set the end limit of notifications, ", " (comma space) by default.
  • A list of checkboxes to select if notifications should be spoken and displayed in braille, both checked by default.
  • An edit box to type a text to send a test notification, to get an idea of how NVDA will present toasts.
  • If the previous edit box contains text, a button to send a notification, so you can test if your selected settings work fine for you.

You can assign a gesture to open the add-on settings panel, and to toggle various add-on settings, from NVDA's menu, Preferences submenu, Input gestures dialog, Configuration category.

Changes for 2.0.0

  • In the add-on settings panel, added an edit box to set the start limit of notifications.