Enhanced Touch Gestures

Это дополнение предоставляет дополнительные жесты сенсорного экрана для NVDA. Также, оно предоставляет набор жестов для облегчения навигации режима обзора.

Note: this add-on requires NVDA 2022.3 or later running on a touchscreen computer with Windows 10 or 11.


Доступно везде

  • Двойное касание четырьмя пальцами: включить режим справки по вводу.
  • Смахивание четырьмя пальцами вправо: Изменить состояние экранной клавиатуры (обычно, вызывает ее)
  • Four finger flick left: toggle dictation (Windows+H; Windows 10 Version 1709 or later).

Объектный режим

  • Смахивание тремя пальцами вниз: прочитать текущее окно.
  • Смахивание тремя пальцами влево: Объявить объект в фокусе.
  • Смахивание тремя пальцами вправо: Объявить текущий объект навигатора.
  • Смахивание четырьмя пальцами вверх: Объявляет название текущего окна.
  • смахивание четырьмя пальцами вниз: прочитать текст строки состояния.

Сенсорный режим веб

Этот сенсорный режим, доступный в режиме обзора, позволяет осуществлять навигацию в документе по выбранным элементам. Чтобы переключиться в Сенсорный режим веб из режима обзора документа, выполните двойное касание тремя пальцами. В этом режиме пролистывания одним пальцем вверх или вниз выбирают доступные действия с элементом, а пролистывания одним пальцем влево или вправо перемещают к предыдущему и следующему элементам соответственно. Когда вы покинете режим обзора документов, будет активирован объектный режим.

Сенсорный режим настроек синтезатора

Вы можете использовать этот режим для быстрого изменения настроек синтезатора, таких как выбор голоса и изменения громкости. В этом режиме используются пролистывания двумя пальцами влево или вправо, чтобы перемещаться между настройками синтезатора и пролистывания двумя пальцами вверх и вниз, чтобы изменить значения. Это зеркало жестов настроек клавиатурных команд кольца синтезатора.

Version 23.02

  • NVDA 2022.4 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 21H2 (November 2021 Update/build 19044) or later is required.

Version 23.01

  • NVDA 2022.3 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 or later is required as Windows 8.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft as of January 2023.
  • It is possible to reassign touch keyboard and dictation toggle commands from input gestures dialog under Enhanced Touch Gestures category.
  • Removed read-only state workaround for touch keyboard keys as it is resolved in Windows 10.

Version 22.03

  • NVDA 2021.3 or later is required.
  • A warning message will be displayed when attempting to install the add-on on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Version 21.10

  • NVDA 2021.2 or later is required due to changes to NVDA that affects this add-on.

Version 21.08

  • Initial support for Windows 11.

Version 21.01

  • NVDA 2020.3 or later is required.
  • On Windows 10 Version 1709 and later, doing a four finger flick left will toggle dictation (Windows+H).
  • Remove dedicated touch interaction support toggle command from the add-on.
  • As touch interaction support can be toggled from NVDA's touch interaction settings panel, a dedicated Enhanced Touch Gestures settings panel has been removed.

Version 20.09

  • Removed ability to let NVDA turn off touch interaction for up to ten seconds (touch command passthrough).
  • Removed coordinate announcement beep feature.

Version 20.07

  • Added a keyboard command to toggle touch interaction or enable/disable touch passthrough (Control+Alt+NVDA+T).
  • As NVDA 2020.1 and later includes a touch command to perform right mouse click (one finger tap and hold), the command has been removed from this add-on. AS a result, NVDA 2020.1 or later is required.
  • The ability to let NVDA turn off touch interaction for up to ten seconds (touch command passthrough) is deprecated. In the future this feature will toggle touch interaction instead.
  • In NVDA development snapshots, due to touch interaction feature changes, touch command passthrough feature and Enhanced Touch Gestures settings panel will be disabled. The command used to enable touch command passthrough will toggle touch interaction instead.
  • Coordinate announcement beep feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future add-on release.
  • Coordinate announcement beep will not be heard while using touch keyboard.
  • NVDA will no longer appear to do nothing or play error tones while exploring modern input facility such as emoji panel via touch.
  • NVDA will present an error message if touch keyboard cannot be activated (four finger flick right).

Version 20.06

  • Resolved many coding style issues and potential bugs with Flake8.

Version 20.04

  • Right mouse click gesture (one finger tap and hold) is now part of NVDA 2020.1.

Version 20.01

  • NVDA 2019.3 or later is required.
  • Touch support toggle command (including touch passthrough) will no longer function if touch support is turned off completely.

Version 19.11

  • Added input help messages for additional touch commands.

Version 19.09

  • Touch support can now be disabled from everywhere, not just from profiles other than normal profile.

Version 19.07

  • Internal changes to support future NVDA releases.

Version 18.12

  • Internal changes to support future NVDA releases.

Version 18.08

  • Compatible with NVDA 2018.3 and future versions.

Version 18.06

  • Add-on settings is now found in new multi-category NVDA Settings screen under "Enhanced Touch Gestures" category. As a result, NVDA 2018.2 is required.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with wxPython 4.

Version 18.04

  • Resolves an issue where touch interaction category in NVDA Settings panel may cause error sounds to be heard due to changes made from this add-on.

Версия 18.03

  • Требуется NVDA 2018.1.
  • Because NVDA 2018.1 comes with touch typing checkbox, the checkbox is no longer included in this add-on.

Версия 17.12

  • Requires NVDA 2017.4. Specifically, this add-on can now handle configuration profile switches.
  • As NVDA 2017.4 includes screen orientation announcement, this feature is no longer part of this add-on.
  • Added a hidden checkbox in Touch Interaction dialog to completely disable touch support (available if profiles other than normal configuration is active).
  • If using NVDA 2018.1 or later, Touch Interaction dialog will be listed twice under NVDA's preferences menu. The second item is the dialog that comes with the add-on.
  • In Touch Interaction dialog for the add-on, touch typing mode is no longer shown if using NVDA 2018.1 or later.

Версия 17.10

  • Due to support policy from Microsoft, Windows 8 (original release) is no longer supported.
  • NVDA will no longer announce screen orientation twice when running NVDA 2017.4 development snapshots.

Версия 17.07.1

  • Added an option in touch interaction dialog to manually toggle touch passthrough without use of a timer.
  • With manual passthrough mode off, if touch passthrough is turned on before the passthrough duration expires, touch interaction would be enabled.

Версия 17.07

  • Added a new dialog named Touch Interaction under NVDA's preferences menu to configure how NVDA works with touchscreens.
  • After installing this version, when pressing keys on the touch keyboard, one must double tap the desired key. You can switch back to the old way by enabling touch typing from Touch Interaction dialog.
  • Added a command (unassigned) to allow NVDA to ignore touch gestures for up to 10 seconds.
  • Added an option in Touch Interaction dialog to allow NVDA to pause touch interaction between 3 to 10 seconds in order to perform touchscreen gestures directly (as though NVDA is not running; default is 5 seconds).
  • Added debug logging messages when performing right clicks (tap and hold) to be recorded in the NVDA log (requires NVDA 2017.1 or later).
  • Due to changes made when playing screen coordinates, NVDA 2017.1 or later is required.

Version 17.03

  • Fixed an issue where coordinate announcement beep did not play or an error tone played instead when using NVDA 2017.1 or later.

Version 16.12

  • Сенсорный режим веб работает в Microsoft EDGE, Microsoft Word и в других приложениях, где используется режим просмотра.
  • Добавлены списки и ориентиры для элементов режимаweb touch.

Версия 16.06

  • Первая стабильная версия.