This add-on allows NVDA users to navigate by indentation level or offset of lines or paragraphs. In browsers it allows to quickly find paragraphs with the same offset from the left edge of the screen, such as first level comments in a hierarchical tree of comments. Also while editing source code in many programming languages, it allows to jump between the lines of the same indentation level, as well as quickly find lines with greater or lesser indentation level.





  • NVDA+Alt+UpArrow or DownArrow: Jump to previous or next paragraph with the same offset.
  • NVDA+alt+LeftArrow: Jump to previous paragraph with lesser offset.
  • NVDA+Alt+RightArrow: Jump to next paragraph with greater offset.





  • NVDA+Alt+UpArrow or DownArrow: Jump to previous or next line with the same indentation level within the current indetnation block.
  • NVDA+Alt+Control+UpArrow or DownArrow: Force-jump to previous or next line with the same indentation level. This command will jump to other indentation blocks (such as other Python functions) if necessary.
  • NVDA+alt+LeftArrow: Jump to parent - that is previous line with lesser indentation level.
  • NVDA+Alt+RightArrow: Jump to first child - that is next line with greater indentation level within the same indentation block.

Release history

  • v1.2
    • Added support for internationalization.
    • Added GPL headers in the source files.
    • Minor fixes.
  • v1.1
    • Initial release.