Mozilla Apps Enhancements

This add-on provides NVDA enhancements for Mozilla aps.


  • NVDA+A (desktop) or NVDA+Control+A (laptop) Reads the page address. If pressed twice quickly, copies it to clipboard.
  • NVDA+End (desktop) or NVDA+Shift+End (laptop) Reads the status bar. If pressed twice quickly, copies it to clipboard.
  • NVDA+F8 Shows a list of opened tabs. If pressed twice quickly, shows buttons of tool bar.
  • NVDA+Control+N Reads the last notification and it takes the system focus to it if it is possible. By pressing two times quickly shows the history of notifications.
  • NVDA+F6 Brings the focus to the document.


  • In a message window:
    • Control+Shift+(1-4) Reads the sender and recipients of the message. If pressed twice quickly, opens the options menu.
    • Control+Shift+5 Reads the subject of the message.
    • Control+Shift+6 Reads date of the message.
    • Control+Shift+A Brings the focus to the list of attachments, if any. (These scripts are also available in the list of messages if you activate the preview pane.)
  • In the bar of fast filtering:
    • Press down Arrow to display more options, enter to check/unchek the selected option.
  • In messages list:
    • If the preview pane is active, press NVDA+downArrow (desktop) or NVDA+A (laptop) to read the message without leaving the list.
    • Control+NVDA+1-9 moves between columns.
    • NVDA+H Displays a dialog in which you can change the order of the columns in the message list.

Keystrokes can be customized in Preferences of NVDA > Input gestures when Firefox or Thunderbird are open.