This add-on provides quick commands to manage objects on screen, including navigation and other possibilities.


  • Control+NVDA+TAB: Steps through arrow key modes (see below for details).

Arrow key modes

The add-on provides four ways to use arrow keys:

  • Classic (or normal mode): use arrow keys to move cursor.
  • Object nav: use arrow keys to move to next/previous/parent/first child objects.
  • Web: use arrow keys to cycle through elements and move between them.
  • Scan mode: use arrow keys to move through objects on screen regardless of hierarchy.

The following commands are available with arrow keys set to object nav:

  • Right arrow: next object.
  • Left arrow: previous object.
  • Up arrow: parent object.
  • Down arrow: first child object.
  • SPACE or ENTER: activate.

With web mode active (elements are normal or moving by object, link, form field, heading, frame, table, list, landmark):

  • Right arrow: next element.
  • Left arrow: previous element.
  • Up arrow: previous element type.
  • Down arrow: next element type.
  • SPACE or ENTER: activate.

With scan mode active:

  • Down arrow: next object or the next line.
  • Up arrow: previous object or previous line.
  • Right arrow: review next character.
  • Left arrow: previous character.
  • Control+right arrow: next word.
  • Control+left arrow: previous word.
  • SPACE or ENTER: activate.

Version 23.05

  • To reflect the maintainer change, the manifest has been updated to indicate as such.

Version 23.02

  • NVDA 2022.4 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 21H2 (November 2021 Update/build 19044) or later is required.

Version 23.01

  • NVDA 2022.3 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 or later is required as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are no longer supported by Microsoft as of January 2023.

Version 22.06

  • Requires NVDA 2021.3 or later.

Version 21.04

  • Requires NVDA 2020.1 or later.

Version 20.01

  • Requires NVDA 2019.3 or later.

Version 18.12

  • Internal changes to support future NVDA releases.

Version 18.09

  • Added localizations.
  • Enter key (regular and Numpad) can be used to activate objects.

Version 18.03

  • Better compatibility with NVDA 2018.1.

Version 16.12

  • Added web mode.

Version 16.10

  • Initial stable version.