Percentage Checker

  • Authors: Original idea and code by Oriol Gómez, improvements and maintenance by Łukasz Golonka
  • download development version
  • NVDA compatibility: 2019.2 to 2019.3

This add-on allows you to check how far - in percents - you are in the text or on a list. This information can be given either by spoken message, or by a beep. In addition you can jump to the given percentage or a line number in the text.

Key Commands:

  • Shift+NVDA+j: Displays a dialog allowing you to jump to the given line number.
  • Shift+NVDA+p: Announces percentage in the current text or on a list. In addition if you are in a text the amount of words in the field would be spoken. In case of a list this would be amount of all list items.
  • Alt+NVDA+p: Presents your position in a text or on a list as a beep.

The two last commands can be pressed twice in quick succession to display a dialog allowing you to jump to a given percentage in a text. All these commands can be remapped from the input gestures dialog.