place Markers

This addon is used for saving and searching specific text strings or bookmarks. It can be used  on web pages or documents in NVDA's browse mode. It can also be used for saving or searching strings of text in multi-line controls; in this case, if it's not possible to update the caret, the corresponding string will be copied to the clipboard, so that it can be searched using other tools. The plugin saves the specified strings and bookmarks to files whose name is based on the title and URL of the current document. This addon is based on SpecificSearch and Bookmark&Search, developed by the same author. You should uninstall them to use this one, since they have common keystrokes and features.

Belangrijke commando's:

  • control+shift+NVDA+f: Opens a dialog with an edit box that shows the last saved search; in this dialog you can also select the previously saved searches from a combo box or remove the selected string from the history using a checkbox. You can choose if the text contained in the edit box will be added to the history of your saved texts. Finally, choose an action from the next group of radio buttons (between Search next, Search previous or Don't search), and specify if NVDA will make a case sensitive search. When you press okay, NVDA will search for this string.
  • control+shift+NVDA+k: Saves the current position as a bookmark. If you want to provide a name for this bookmark, select some text from this position before saving it.
  • control+shift+NVDA+delete: Deletes the bookmark corresponding to this position.
  • NVDA+k: Moves to the next bookmark.
  • shift+NVDA+k: Moves to the previous bookmark.
  • Not assigned: Shows the file name where the place markers data will be saved in browse mode, without an extension.
  • alt+NVDA+k: Opens a dialog with the bookmarks saved for this document. You can write a note for each bookmark; press Save note to save changes. Pressing Delete you can remove the selected bookmark. Pressing OK you can move to the selected position.
  • Not assigned: Saves a position as a temporary bookmark.
  • Not assigned: Moves to the temporary bookmark for the current document.
  • Not assigned: Finds the next occurrence of the last text searched for any specific document.
  • Not assigned: Finds the previous occurrence of the last text searched for any specific document.

Place markers Submenu (NVDA+N)

Using the Place markers submenu under NVDA's Preferences menu, you can access:

  • Specific search folder: opent een map met eerder opgeslagen specific searches.
  • Bookmarks folder: Opens a folder of the saved bookmarks.
  • Copy placeMarkers folder: You can save a copy of the bookmarks folder.
  • Restore placeMarkers: You can restore your bookmarks from a previously saved placeMarkers folder.

Note: The bookmark position is based on the number of characters; and therefore in dynamic pages it is better to use the specific search, not bookmarks.

Changes for 14.0

  • The command to copy the name of the file where place markers data will be saved has been replaced by a command which shows this file name in browse mode. This is not assigned to a gesture.
  • The "Text to search" field does not overlap the "Saved text" field anymore. (Thanks to Cyrille Bougot).
  • Requires NVDA 2019.3 or later.

Changes for 13.0

  • Added not assigned commands to find the next and previous occurrences of the last text searched for any specific document.
  • The specific search feature works when the NVDA's About dialog is open.
  • In the Specific search dialog, the case sensitive checkbox will be checked if this option was selected for the last search.
  • When the add-on is updated, bookmarks and strings for specific search saved in the previous version of the add-on will be automatically copied to the new version, unless you prefer to import place markers saved in the main configuration folder of NVDA.
  • When using the dialog to copy place markers, if the chosen folder is not named placeMarkersBackup, a subfolder with this name will be created to prevent the deletion of directories containing important data, such as Documents or Downloads.

Changes for 12.0

  • Fixed a critical bug which caused NVDA to crash when trying to open the Notes dialog, if chinese characters were selected before saving bookmarks.

Changes for 11.0

Changes for 10.0

  • In Edge, gestures associated with bookmarks selection, such as NVDA+k, NVDA+shift+k or NVDA+alt+k, will be sent to the application instead of trying to move the cursor to bookmarks, to avoid errors, especially in long documents.
  • Now specific search is supported in Edge.

Changes for 9.0

  • When moving to a bookmark from the Notes dialog, the review cursor follows the system cursor.
  • The command to select the previous bookmark works properly again.
  • Bookmarks can be deleted from the Notes dialog.
  • Now you can assign gestures to save and move to a temporary bookmark for each document.

Changes for 8.0

  • Removed fragment identifiers from bookmark filenames, which can avoid issues in the VitalSource Bookshelf ePUB reader.
  • Added a Notes dialog, to associate comments for saved bookmarks and move to the selected position.

Changes for 7.0

  • The dialog to save a string of text for specific search has been removed. This functionality is now included in the Specific search dialog, which has been redesigned to allow different actions when pressing the OK button.
  • The visual presentation of the dialogs has been enhanced, adhering to the appearance of the dialogs shown in NVDA.
  • Performing a Find Next or Find Previous command in Browse Mode will now correctly do a case sensitive search if the original Find was case sensitive.
  • Requires NVDA 2016.4 or later.
  • Now you can assign gestures to open the Copy and Restore place markers dialogs.
  • NVDA will present a message to notify when place markers have been copied or restored with the corresponding dialogs.

Changes for 6.0

  • When the add-on features are not usable, gestures are sent to the corresponding application.

Changes for 5.0

  • Added case sensitive search.
  • Removed option to open documentation from Place markers menu.
  • More intuitive key commands.

Veranderingen in 4.0

  • Fragment identifiers verwijderd uit bestandsnamen zodat problemen met de ePUBREADER Firefox add-on vermeden kunnen worden.
  • Add-on help is beschikbaar vanuit Add-ons beheren

Veranderingen in 3.1

  • Vertalingen bijgewerkt en een nieuwe taal toegevoegd.
  • Bookmarkpositie wordt niet gemeld bij doorbladeren tijdens automatisch lezen.

Veranderingen in 3.0

  • Ondersteuning toegevoegd voor doorbladeren.

Veranderingen in 2.0

  • Opties toegevoegd die het mogelijk maken om verschillende zoekopdrachten voor ieder bestand op te slaan en te verwijderen.
  • Een probleem opgelost met paden die vreemde tekens bevatten
  • Sneltoetsen kunnen nu opnieuw toegewezen worden met behulp van het NVDA dialoogvenster voor invoergebaren.

Veranderingen in 1.0

  • Eerste versie.
  • Vertaald in: Braziliaans Portuguees, Farsi, Fins, Frans, Galicisch, Duits, Italiaans, Japans, Koreaans, Nepalees, Portuguees, Spaans, Slovaaks, Sloveens, Tamil.