Resource Monitor

  • Autori: Alex Hall, Joseph Lee, beqa gozalishvili, Tuukka Ojala e altri collaboratori di NVDA.
  • Download versione stabile

Questo componente aggiuntivo fornisce informazioni sulle prestazioni di sistema, quali carico della CPU, utilizzo della memoria e molto altro.

Tasti rapidi

  • NVDA+Shift+E fornisce informazioni sul carico della cpu, sulla quantità di ram e sulla batteria di sistema se disponibili.
  • NVDA+Shift+1 Fornisce informazioni sulla media del carico delle CPU, e informazioni dettagliate del carico di ciascuna CPU presente nel sistema.
  • NVDA+Shift+2/5 Fornisce informazioni sulla quantità di Ram fisica e virtuale utilizzata e disponibile
  • NVDA+Shift+3 Presents the used and total space of the static and removable drives.
  • NVDA+Shift+4 Presents battery percentage, charging status, remaining time (if not charging), and a warning if the battery is low or critical.
  • NVDA+Shift+6 Presents CPU Architecture 32/64-bit and Windows version and service pack numbers.
  • NVDA+Shift+7 presents the system's uptime.

Se si dispone di NVDA 2013.3 o successivo, è possibile modificare tutti i tasti rapidi.

Note d'utilizzo

Questo componente aggiuntivo non sostituisce applicazioni quali Task Manager o altri software che forniscono informazioni di sistema. Inoltre si tenga presente che:

  • CPU usage is given for logical processors, not physical cores. This is noticeable for processors which uses Hyper-Threading where number of CPU's is twice the number of CPU cores.
  • If there is heavy disk activity such as copying large files, there might be delays when obtaining disk usage information.
  • Support for Windows XP from this add-on ended on December 31,
    1. Support for Windows Server 2003, Vista and Server 2008 ended on June 30, 2018.

Version 18.04

Version 18.04.x is the last release to support Windows releases earlier than 7 SP1.

  • Last release to support Windows Server 2003, Vista and Server 2008.
  • Better detection of Windows 10 releases and distinguishing between public and Insider Preview builds.

Version 17.12

  • Added support for 64-bit ARM processors on Windows 10.

Version 17.09

Important: Version 17.09.x is the last version to support Windows XP.

  • Last version to run on Windows XP.
  • Windows 10 build 16278 and later is recognized as Version 1709. A minor revision for this add-on will be released once Version 1709 stable build is released.

Version 17.07.1

  • Reintroduce support for Windows XP (broken since version 17.02).

Version 17.05

  • Announcement of system uptime (time passed since last boot; NVDA+Shift+7).

Version 17.02

  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.0.1.
  • When checking disk usage, NVDA will no longer present an error dialog on some systems where a removable media is not properly recognized (such as when a card isn't inserted into a card reader).)

Version 16.08

Starting with version 16.08, add-on releases will be shown as year.month.revision.

  • Various revisions of Windows 10 are now properly recognized (such as 1607 for build 14393).
  • Windows 10 build revisions (after installing cumulative updates) are properly recognized (such as 14393.51).
  • If using Insider Preview builds, this fact is recognized.

Changes for 4.5

  • Add-on repository has moved to GitHub (can be found at
  • Windows Server 2016 is properly recognized.

Changes for 4.0

  • Updated psutil dependency to 2.2.1.
  • Vastly improved performance when obtaining information on CPU load.
  • Added support for recognition of Windows 10.
  • In Windows 10, the build number of Windows will also be announced.
  • You can use Add-ons Manager to access add-on help.

Changes for 3.1

  • Resource Monitor officially supports Windows 8.1.
  • Updated translations.

Changes for 3.0

  • Updated psutil dependency to 1.2.1.
  • Announcement of current Windows version, CPU architecture and service pack if any (NVDA+Shift+6).
  • Ability to change add-on shortcut keys (NVDA 2013.3 or later).
  • Ability to copy individual resource information to clipboard by pressing resource commands two times.

Changes for 2.4

  • New languages: Chinese (simplified), Ukrainian.
  • Updated translations.

Changes for 2.3

  • Added Bulgarian translation.

Changes for 2.2

  • Added following translations: Arabic, Aragonese, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Tamil and Turkish.

Changes for 2.1

  • Updated psutil dependency to version 0.6.1.
  • Fixed long delay when getting information of drives.
  • Code cleanup.

Changes for 2.0

  • added translation support and translation comments.

Changes for 1.0

  • Initial Release