Resource Monitor

  • Authors: Alex Hall, Joseph Lee, Kefas Lungu, Beqa Gozalishvili, Tuukka Ojala, Ethin Probst and other NVDA contributors
  • ダウンロード 安定版
  • NVDA compatibility: 2022.4 and later

This add-on gives information about CPU load, memory usage and other resource usage information.


  • NVDA+Shift+E: presents used ram, average processor load, and battery info if available.
  • NVDA+Shift+1: presents the average processor load and if multicore CPU's are present the load of each core.
  • NVDA+Shift+2/5: presents the used and total space for both physical and virtual ram.
  • NVDA+Shift+3: presents the used and total space of the static and removable drives.
  • NVDA+Shift+4: presents battery percentage, charging status, remaining time (if not charging), and a warning if the battery is low or critical.
  • NVDA+Shift+6: presents CPU Architecture and Windows version and service pack numbers.
  • NVDA+Shift+7: presents the system's uptime.
  • NVDA+Shift+8: presents information on the wireless connection, ssid name and strength, or no ssid if there is none available.

You can change these shortcut keys via input gestures dialog.



  • Resource information cannot be copied to clipboard if running the add-on in secure screens.
  • CPU usage is given for logical processors, not physical cores. This is noticeable for processors which uses Hyper-Threading where number of CPU's is twice the number of CPU cores. On some newer computers, not all CPU cores will have hyper-threading enabled.
  • If there is heavy disk activity such as copying large files, there might be delays when obtaining disk usage information.
  • When announcing processor architecture information, "x86" and "AMD64" refer to 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) Intel and AMD processors, respectively.
  • This add-on requires Windows 10 or later.

Note on license: this add-on uses Psutil, licensed under 3-Clause BSD License which is compatible with GNU General Public License.

Version 23.09

  • NVDA will no longer log startup error messages on Windows Server systems when wireless capability modules are unavailable.

Version 23.06

  • Situation where resourceMonitor doesn't work properly due to unavailability of wireless adapters has been fixed.

Version 23.05.1

wlanReporter NVDA-addon is now part of resourceMonitor!

  • The old way of checking for wireless connections has been replaced by the windows API from wlanReporter: .

    • After speaking SSID name and strength, NVDA will also now tell you the security type of your network.
    • NVDA will now alert you when you connect and disconnect from a wireless network.
    • NVDA will now alert you when wireless connections is turned on or off.

Version 23.05

  • added the ability to detect and present the state of the connected wireless network.

    • Announces the name of the connected wireless SSID.
    • Announces the strength of the ssid
    • Announce SSID not found if None is detected.

Version 23.02

  • NVDA 2022.4 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 21H2 (November 2021 Update/build 19044) or later is required.

Version 23.01

  • NVDA 2022.3 or later is required.
  • Windows 10 or later is required as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are no longer supported by Microsoft as of January 2023.
  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.9.4.
  • NVDA will announce actual processor architecture (x86/AMD64/ARM64) as part of Windows version information.
  • On single-core systems, NVDA will no longer announce CPU core load as average CPU load is the same as core load.

Version 22.03

Version 22.03 is the last stable version to support Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 8, and 8.1.

  • NVDA 2021.3 or later is required.
  • A warning message will be displayed when attempting to install the add-on on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.
  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.9.0.

Version 22.01

  • NVDA 2021.2 or later is required.

Version 21.10

  • NVDA 2021.1 or later is required due to changes to NVDA that affects this add-on.

Version 21.08

  • Minimum Windows release requirement is now tied to NVDA releases.
  • Windows builds 20348 and 22000 are recognized as Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11, respectively.
  • On Insider Preview builds, Windows release such as "Windows 10" will not be used. Instead NvDA will announce "Windows Insider".
  • On 64-bit systems, processor architecture (x64 or ARM64) will be announced as part of Windows version information.

Version 21.04

  • NVDA 2020.4 or later is required.
  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.8.0.
  • When pressing add-on commands twice to copy resource information to clipboard, NVDA will announce resource summary that is being copied.

Version 21.01

  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.7.3.
  • Shortened Windows version message.
  • On Windows 8.1, build.revision will be announced as part of Windows version message, similar to Windows 10.

Version 20.09

  • System uptime is now given as days, hours, minutes, seconds.
  • Windows Server Insider Preview build 20201 or later is properly recognized as a Server Insider build.

Version 20.07

  • Windows 10 Version 20H2 is properly recognized when obtaining Windows version information (NVDA+Shift+6).
  • Simplified Windows 10 version message i.e. Windows 10 YYMM instead of Windows 10verYYMM when pressing NVDA+Shift+6.

Version 20.06

  • Resolved many coding style issues and potential bugs with Flake8.

Version 20.04

  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.7.0.

Version 20.01

  • NVDA 2019.3 or later is required due to extensive use of Python 3.

Version 19.11

  • Improved detection of Windows Insider Preview builds, especially for 20H1 and beyond.

Version 19.07

  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.6.3.
  • Internal changes to battery status announcement command.

Version 18.12

  • Internal changes to support future NVDA releases.

Version 18.10

  • Code has been made more compatible with Python 3.
  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.4.7.
  • When obtaining disk capacity and memory usage, NVDA will no longer give errors if using a computer or a service with more than a petabyte of RAM or disk size.
  • Values for memory and disk usage are shown with up to two decimal places (e.g. 4.00 GB instead of 4.0 GB).
  • Improved detection of Windows Insider Preview builds.

Version 18.04

Version 18.04.x is the last release to support Windows releases earlier than 7 SP1.

  • Last release to support Windows Server 2003, Vista and Server 2008.
  • Better detection of Windows 10 releases and distinguishing between public and Insider Preview builds.

Version 17.12

  • Added support for 64-bit ARM processors on Windows 10.

Version 17.09

Important: Version 17.09.x is the last version to support Windows XP.

  • Last version to run on Windows XP.
  • Windows 10 build 16278 and later is recognized as Version 1709. A minor revision for this add-on will be released once Version 1709 stable build is released.

Version 17.07.1

  • Reintroduce support for Windows XP (broken since version 17.02).

Version 17.05

  • Announcement of system uptime (time passed since last boot; NVDA+Shift+7).

Version 17.02

  • Updated psutil dependency to 5.0.1.
  • When checking disk usage, NVDA will no longer present an error dialog on some systems where a removable media is not properly recognized (such as when a card isn't inserted into a card reader).)

Version 16.08

Starting with version 16.08, add-on releases will be shown as year.month.revision.

  • Various revisions of Windows 10 are now properly recognized (such as 1607 for build 14393).
  • Windows 10 build revisions (after installing cumulative updates) are properly recognized (such as 14393.51).
  • If using Insider Preview builds, this fact is recognized.

Changes for 4.5

  • Add-on repository has moved to GitHub (can be found at
  • Windows Server 2016 is properly recognized.


  • psutil を 2.2.1 に更新。
  • CPU負荷の情報を得た時の性能が大きく向上しました。
  • Windows 10の認識へのサポートを追加しました。
  • Windows 10では、Windowsのビルド数も通知されるようになりました。
  • アドオンマネジャーを利用してアドオンヘルプをご覧いただけます。


  • Resource MonitorはWindows 8.1を公式にサポートしました。
  • 翻訳を更新しました。


  • psutil を 1.2.1 に更新。
  • 現在のWindowsのバージョンやCPUアーキテクチャー、サービスパックの通知(NVDA+Shift+6)
  • ショートカットキーの入力ジェスチャー変更に対応(NVDA 2013.3以降).
  • コマンドを2回続けて押すとそれぞれのリソース情報をコピーする機能を追加。


  • 新しい言語: 中国語 (簡体字)、ウクライナ語。
  • 翻訳を更新しました。


  • ブルガリア語の翻訳を追加しました。


  • 以下の言語の翻訳を追加しました: アラビア語、Aragonese、クロアチア語、オランダ語、フィンランド語、フランス語、Galician、ハンガリー語、イタリア語、日本語、韓国語、ネパール語、Polish、ポルトガル語 (ブラジル)、ロシア語、スロヴァキア語、スロベニア語、スペイン語、タミル語、トルコ語。


  • psutil を 0.6.1 に更新。
  • ドライバの情報を取得する時の大幅な遅延を修正しました。
  • コードを整理しました。


  • 翻訳のサポートと翻訳のコメントを追加しました。


  • 最初のバージョン