This addon was created following a request from a member on the nvda-addons mailing list.

It provides a keyboard shortcut, NVDA + F4, which allows to retrieve and give the language of the current keyboard.

If pressed twice, gives the default language of the system.



If the NVDA + F4 keyboard shortcut conflicts with another command, you can change it by going to the Preferences menu of NVDA, in the "Input gestures" submenu.

You will then find the script in the "System status" category.


  • This add-on is compatible with the versions of NVDA ranging from 2014.3 until 2019.3.

Changes for version 19.02

  • Changed version numbering using YY.MM (The year in 2 digits, followed by a dot, followed by the month in 2 digits);
  • Added compatibility with the new versioning format of add-on, appeared since nvda 2019.1.


  • The addon has been renamed from getCurKeyboardLanguage to sayCurrentKeyboardLanguage;
  • Added the GPL license to the addon;
  • Added the script getCurKeyboardLanguage to the "System status" category;
  • コード内のエラーを修正しました。


  • 最初のバージョン。