Synth ring settings selector

This add-on allows the user to select which settings should appear on the synth settings ring.


This add-on provides the following features:

  • A category panel in the NVDA settings to select which settings you want to include in the synth settings ring.
  • save specific settings for each profile.
  • overrides the default synth driver settings that are shown in the synth settings ring.


You need NVDA 2019.2 or later.


Just install it as a NVDA add-on.


To enable or disable which settings are included, go to NVDA settings and select "Synth ring settings selector" category. In that category you can configure all supported features by this add-on. Settings included by default:

  • language.
  • voice.
  • variant.
  • rate.
  • rate boost.
  • volume.
  • pitch.
  • inflection.

Note: This dialog shows the supported settings by the current synthesizer only. Settings not present here aren't modified in the add-on config.