Text Information

This add-on allows for getting information based on selected text. Simply select something and use a keystroke to get information. You should, hopefully, be presented with something that fits the context.

note: This package is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Please see the file COPYING.txt for further details.


note: These keystrokes asume your using the english keyboard layout, and might not work otherwise. If there's a problem, first try changing them in the input gestures dialog.

  • NVDA+; (semicolon): provides information based on the text that's selected
  • NVDA+SHIFT+; (semicolon): provides information about text on the clipboard
  • NVDA+control+; (semicolon): speaks the last reported information. Press twice to get it displayed in a dialog.

supported services

Currently, the following features are supported:

  • IP address information using the IPInfoDB API. An API key is provided, however I by no means guarantee it'll always work. You can generate your own, and enter it at the top of init.py, replacing the old one.
  • english dictionary definitions from the princeton wordnetweb. Note: these definitions are not the best, and the database lacks definitions for simple words, e.g. could, you, etc.
  • ISBN lookups via the google books API
  • credit card type verification

Note: Regular expressions are used to verify data. There are currently some that aren't used, phone numbers and emails. This might be changed in the future.


Contributions are appreciated. You can either submit a PR, or get in contact with the following info:

twitter: @cartertemm

email: crtbraille@gmail.com