Tip of the Day

This addon is supposed to help you learn how to use NVDA by giving you tips every day.


Once the addon is installed, when NVDA reboots for the first time, it will ask you to select how comfortable with using NVDA you are. You should select your comfort level, for example if you are a novice with computers, select beginner.

Then, NVDA will show you a tip of the day. You can press the forward and back buttons to change what tip you are seeing, and then press close or escape when you are done. To find these buttons, you can press tab once the dialog is up until you find the buttons, and press enter or space to press them. When you are done, either press escape from the edit field, or press the close button. To get a tip at any time, select the tip of the day option from the NVDA menu.

To change your comfort level with your computer so the addon can give you more targeted tips, select the tip of the day option from the NVDA preferences menu. The add-on will ask you how comfortable you are with NVDA once the add-on is installed and when NVDA reboots.