Tony's enhancements

This add-on contains a number of small improvements to NVDA screenreader, each of them too small to deserve a separate add-on.

This add-on is compatible with NVDA version 2024.2 or later


Please install the latest version from NVDA add-on store.


  • NVDA+Control+数字 - テーブルの1,2,3,...10列目にジャンプします。
  • NVDA+Alt+数字 - テーブルの1,2,3,...10行目にジャンプします。

Copying tables to clipboard

With the following shortcuts you can copy either the whole table or current row or current column in a formatted way, so that you can paste it as a table to rich text editors, such as Microsoft Word or WordPad.

  • NVDA+Alt+T - shows popup menu with options to copy table or part of it.

There are also separate scripts for copying tables, rows, columns and cells, but they don't have keyboard shortcuts assigned by default, custom keyboard shortcuts cfor them can be assigned in InputGestures dialog of NVDA.

Automatic language switching

Allows to automatically switch the language of your synthesizer by character set. Refgular expression for every language can be configured in the preferences window for this add-on. Please make sure that your synthesizer supports all the languages you're interested in. Switching between two Latin-based languages or two languages whose character sets are similar is not supported at this time.

Quicksearch commands

As of version v1.18, QuickSearch commands have been moved to IndentNav add-on.

Suppress unwanted 'unselected' speech from NVDA

Suppose you have some text selected in text editors. Then you press a key, such as Home, or UpArrow, that is supposed to take you to another part of the document. NVDA would announce 'unselected' and then speak the former selection, which can be inconvenient at times. This feature prevents NVDA from speaking formerly selected text in situations like this.



動的なキーストローク表の形式はシンプルです。全ての行が次のような形式の規則となっています。 appName keystroke 「アプリ名」は、このキーストロークがダイナミックとマークされたアプリケーションの名前です(または、「*」が全てのアプリケーションでダイナミックとマークされます)、そして「キーストローク」は、NVDA形式でのキーストローク(例えば、「control+alt+shift+pagedown」)です。

In order to figure out appName for your application, do this:

  1. Switch to your application.
  2. Open NVDA Python Console by pressing NVDA+Shift+Z.
  3. Type focus.appModule.appName and hit enter.
  4. Press F6 to go to output pane and find appName value in the last line.

Showing and hiding windows

As of version v1.18 show/hide commands have been moved to Task Switcher add-on.


NVDAがビジーの時に、NVDAが音でのフィードバックを提供するようにするには、 この選択肢をチェックして下さい。NVDAがビジーなのは必ずしもNVDAの問題を表しているわけではありませんが、NVDAへのコマンドがすぐには受け付けられないことをユーザーに知らせます。

Application Volume adjustment

This functionality has been merged into NVDA core and is available in NVDA v2024.3 or later.

Mute microphone

This add-on provides a command for switching the microphone. There is no gesture assigned to this command by default, you can assign a gesture in NVDA's "Input Gestures" dialog if needed.

Sound split

This functionality has been merged into NVDA core and is available in NVDA v2024.2 or later.

Enhanced mouse functions

  • Alt+NumPadDivide: Point mouse cursor at current object and click it.
  • Alt+NumPadMultiply: Point mouse cursor at current object and right mouse button click on it.
  • Alt+NumPadDelete: Move mouse cursor out of the way to top left corner of the screen. This can be useful to prevent unwanted hover over windows in certain applications.

The functionality for mouse wheel scrolling has been merged into NVDA core and is available in NVDA v2024.3 or later.

Detecting insert mode in text editors

If this option is enabled, NVDA will beep when it detects insert mode in text editors.




Blocking double Caps Lock keystroke

In NVDA, when Caps Lock is set as an NVDA key, pressing it twice in a row toggles between uppercase and lowercase input modes. However, this can sometimes cause unintentional switching between these modes. Since this key’s behavior is unique and cannot be disabled through settings, this add-on offers a method to block this specific keyboard shortcut. When the double Caps Lock key press is blocked, you can still switch between uppercase and lowercase input modes by pressing NVDA+F2 followed by the Caps Lock key.


System priority of NVDA process

This allows to boost system priority of NVDA process, that might improve NVDA responsiveness, especially when CPU load is high.

Fixing a bug when focus gets stuck in the taskbar when pressing Windows+Numbers

This feature has been removed as of version v1.18. If you need a more reliable task switching functionality, please consider using Task Switcher add-on.