Training Keyboard commands

This addon is aimed to train NVDA commands in a game like way, for either keyboard layout modes desktop or laptop layout.

All commands data is scraped from keyCommands.html file in locale documentation folder in NVDA.

This addon does not have any default gesture or shortcut.

You have to assign a specific gesture to it via: NVDA menu>preferences>inputGestures>trainingKeyboardCommands.


  • You choose the keyboard layout mode you want to train, and begin play
  • A question or command and it's description will be displayed, and you have to pick the right related keys or answer
  • If you have chose the right answer, your score wi be added one point
  • If the answer was wrong, the score will not change, and go on with no loose
  • At any time, if you want to exit, you will be asked if you want to save the remaining questions for next round
  • If in a later time you choose a layout wit saved questions, you will be asked if you want to resume the remaining questions from previous round
  • Answering all questions, about 110 for each layout, you will be declared a winner deserving NVDA addon's cup.