URL Shortener

  • Author: Noelia Ruiz Martínez

This add-on is used to shorten URLs from NVDA through is.gd.

Shorten URL dialog

Go to NVDA's menu, Tools submenu, and activate the Shorten URL item.

Alternatively, you can assign a gesture from the Input gestures dialog of NVDA.

The Shorten URL dialog includes the following controls:

  • A list to select one of the saved URLs. From this list, Press shift+tab to search, and tab to press one of the following buttons.
  • Copy shortened URL. This can also be activated by pressing Enter from the URLs list.
  • A readonly box showing details about the selected URL.
  • Set of controls to shorten a new URL: Provide the new URL; optionally, you can set a display name and a custom subfix for the shortened URL. Finally, press the Shorten URL button.
  • Rename: opens a dialog to provide a new name to display the selected URL on the list.
  • Delete: opens a dialog to delete the selected URL.
  • Remove saved URLs: opens a dialog to remove the saved URLs from the configuration folder.
  • Close.

Changes for 8.0.0

  • Added a readonly box with details about the selected URL.

Changes for 5.0.0

  • The new URL dialog has been replaced with a set of controls in the main dialog, so that the focus can be placed in the relevant field to fix possible errors.

Changes for 2.0.0

  • The Shorten URL option won't appear multiple times in Tools submenu when reloading plugins.
  • The New URL dialog includes an edit box to provide a custom subfix for the shortened URL.

Changes for 1.0.0

  • Initial version.