Easy Table Navigator-简易表格导航器

  • Authors: Corentin Bacqué-Cazenave, Joseph Lee
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  • NVDA compatibility: 2019.3 and beyond

This plugin adds a layer command to use simplified key combination to navigate table cells. When the layered commands are enabled, you can perform the following actions:

  • Navigate to the previous or next cell horizontally or vertically using arrow keys
  • Navigate to the first or last cell of the row or the column using control+arrow keys or Home, End, PageUp and PageDown
  • Read the whole row or column without moving the system caret using windows+leftArrow / windows+upArrow
  • Read the row or column starting from the current cell using windows+rightArrow / windows+downArrow


  • 浏览模式(Internet Explorer、 Firefox等)。
  • Microsoft Word 文档。


  • 开关简易导航模式(未分配),开启后,您可以使用四个光标键进行表格导航。

Changes for 2.4

For this release, many thanks goes to Cyrille Bougot for his work.

  • Table navigation fixed in MS Word
  • Introduce new commands following changes in NVDA 2022.2 and 2022.4

    • home/end/pgUp/pgDown to jump to start/end of row/column
    • control+left/right/up/downArrow to jump to start/end of row/column (alternative shortcut key for the same result)
    • NVDA+left/up to read the whole row/column starting from the first cell without moving the current position of the cursor
    • NVDA+right/down for sayAll in row/column, i.e. read the cells of the current row/column, starting from the current cell and moving the cursor's position while reading until the last cell of the row/column.
  • Remaped some keys to avoid conflicts:

    • NVDA+upArrow/leftArrow becomes windows+upArrow/leftArrow (to read full column/row)
    • NVDA+downArrow/rightArrow becomes windows+downArrow/rightArrow (say all in column/row)
  • Compatibility with NVDA 2023.1

Changes for 2.3

  • It is now possible to disable table navigation layer from everywhere
  • Compatibility with NVDA 2022.1
  • Fix error when reloading the addon

版本 2.2.1

  • 修复了某些类型的文档(包括 Word 和 Outlook)中的错误

版本 2.2

  • 使用插件模板更新文档样式
  • 首个可翻译版本

版本 2.1.1

  • 更新 manifest 文件和文档中的作者信息

版本 2.1

  • 兼容 NVDA 2021.1


  • 需要NVDA 2019.3或更高版本。
  • 使插件的各种语言条目可翻译。


  • 内部更改,为支持新版 NVDA 做准备。


  • 修复了在Outlook中拼写检查邮件时可能会抛出错误的问题。


  • 发布初始版本。