• Authors: Hrvoje Katic and NVDA-addon-team
  • Download: version 1.1

This extended appModule extends the original Winamp appModule found in NVDA with some extra functionality.

  • s togle shuffle on/off
  • r togle repeat on/off
  • F5 mute playback
  • F6 set playback volume to 25%
  • F7 set playback volume to 50%
  • F8 set playback volume to 100%
  • Shift+LeftArrow pan Left
  • Shift+RightArrow pan Right
  • Shift+UpArrow pan Center
  • Control+Shift+t speaks total Track Length
  • Control+Shift+e speaks track Elapsed Time
  • Control+Shift+r speaks track Remaining Time
  • Shift+r Review the end of track "last 6 seconds by default"
  • Control+r Set the review time "in seconds" for use with Review End of Track command
  • Shift+j Set alternate jump time "in seconds"
  • Control+RightArrow alternate Jump Forward "6 seconds by default"
  • Control+LeftArrow alternate Jump Backward "6 seconds by default"

Changes for 1.1

  • New languages: Aragonese, Arabic, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Galician, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish.

Changes for 1.0

  • Initial Release