Welcome to the NVDA Community Add-ons website

NVDA is a very flexible and extensible screen reader. NVDA add-ons are additional packages that can be downloaded and installed into your copy of NVDA to enhance existing functionality or add additional features. These add-ons may include additional features and commands that can be used everywhere, enhancing support for a program, or add support for a new braille display or a speech synthesizer.

On these pages, you will find add-ons that have been created and publicly reviewed by members of the community. Please note that many of these add-ons are not provided by NV Access, so NV Access cannot be held responsible for these add-ons.

To install an add-on, go to the NVDA tools menu, then select manage add-ons. Then select install, navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded add-on and choose the add-on package you wish to install. Alternatively, if you installed NVDA 2012.3 or later on your computer, using file manager of your choice, navigate to the location where you stored the add-on, then press ENTER on the nvda-add-on file you wish to install.

Once you press Open or press ENTER on the add-on file, NVDA will ask if you really wish to install the add-on. As the functionality of add-ons is unrestricted inside NVDA, which in theory could include accessing your personal data or even the entire system if NVDA is an installed copy, it is very important to only install add-ons from sources you trust. Once the add-on is installed, NVDA must be restarted for the add-on to start running.

If you want to have your add-on listed on this website, please subscribe to NVDA Add-ons Central mailing list and request a community review. A member of the community will then review your add-on, and if it passes basic review such as license and usability, your add-on will be made available on this website.

Please feel free to subscribe to the rss feeds or the add-ons list to be informed on when new add-ons or a new version of an add-on is made available. The following community supported add-ons are available:


Posted Thu Jan 25 15:01:21 2018


Posted Thu Jan 4 05:51:15 2018


Posted Thu Jan 4 05:51:15 2018

Mozilla Apps Enhancements

Posted Tue Dec 19 03:27:20 2017


Posted Sun Jul 9 16:28:51 2017

Object Location Tones

Posted Mon May 29 04:02:30 2017

Enhanced Aria

Posted Sun May 21 12:11:23 2017

Lambda Add-On for NVDA

Posted Sat May 20 05:03:49 2017

Speech History

Posted Wed May 17 00:05:49 2017

Speak Passwords

Posted Wed May 3 12:10:35 2017

Review Cursor Copier

Posted Thu Apr 20 04:32:04 2017

Audio Themes

Posted Fri Mar 24 16:04:09 2017

Console Timer

Posted Thu Mar 16 23:25:31 2017

Classic Selection

Posted Sun Dec 25 04:55:08 2016

Weather Plus

Posted Tue Oct 4 09:18:58 2016


Posted Tue Sep 27 03:10:49 2016

Switch synth

Posted Sat Jul 30 06:06:23 2016

Report Symbols

Posted Fri Jul 29 01:06:48 2016

StationPlaylist Studio

Posted Wed Jul 27 03:42:18 2016

Tone Master

Posted Mon Jul 18 09:17:17 2016


Posted Sat Jul 16 05:58:51 2016

Crash Hero

Posted Fri Jul 8 16:20:04 2016

Tip of the Day

Posted Sun Jun 5 13:00:49 2016

Golden Cursor

Posted Sun Jan 17 05:06:41 2016

Day of the week

Posted Thu Oct 1 07:50:23 2015

VLC Media Player

Posted Wed Sep 30 08:46:44 2015

Windows 10 App Essentials

Posted Sun Sep 20 03:16:26 2015

NVDA Remote Support

Posted Sat Jul 4 08:27:52 2015

TeamTalk Classic

Posted Thu Jun 11 04:49:11 2015

Easy Table Navigator

Posted Mon Apr 6 11:20:12 2015


Posted Wed Feb 25 13:20:25 2015

Dual Voice

Posted Wed Feb 18 08:27:52 2015

Clip Contents Designer

Posted Sat Dec 13 19:42:46 2014

Enhanced Touch Gestures

Posted Sun Dec 7 06:33:09 2014

Bit Che

Posted Fri Dec 6 20:25:32 2013

Read Feeds

Posted Sat Nov 16 23:40:35 2013


Posted Mon Nov 4 19:14:48 2013


Posted Mon Oct 21 18:35:24 2013


Posted Sun Aug 4 21:53:39 2013

Focus Highlight

Posted Sun Aug 4 16:59:24 2013


Posted Tue Jul 16 17:36:50 2013

Virtual Review

Posted Sun Jul 7 22:36:28 2013


Posted Wed Jun 5 06:10:26 2013

Control Usage Assistant

Posted Fri May 10 17:46:23 2013

Resource Monitor

Posted Mon Mar 4 00:31:45 2013


Posted Sun Mar 3 21:53:34 2013


Posted Wed Jan 23 16:25:01 2013


Posted Wed Jan 16 12:37:19 2013


Posted Mon Sep 17 02:27:07 2012


Posted Mon Sep 17 02:27:07 2012

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