Focus Highlight

By drawing a colored rectangle, this addon enables partially sighted users, sighted educators, or developers to track the location of the nvda navigator object and the focused object/control.

The following colors are used by this addon:

  • Green thin dashed dotted line rectangle, to indicate the navigator object.
  • Red thin rectangle, to indicate the focused object/control.
  • Red thick rectangle, to indicate when navigator object and focused object are overlapping.
  • Blue thick dotted line rectangle, to indicate NVDA is in focus mode, i.e. key types are passed to the control.

To disable object tracking, uninstall the addon.

Changes for 5.0

  • Indicators of navigator object and focus mode were changed.
  • Multiple monitors are supported.
  • It now uses GDI Plus technology for drawing.

Changes for 4.0

  • Hide rectangle if current application is in sleep mode.

Changes for 3.0

  • Fixed issue regarding expanded combo box.
  • Fixed issue with Windows Task Manager.
  • Ability to indicate the focus mode.

Changes for 2.1

  • New and updated translations.

Changes for 2.0

  • Add-on help is available from the Add-ons Manager.

Changes for 1.1

  • Changed navigator object rectangle to jagged line.
  • Fixed issue with 'Reload plugins'.

Changes for 1.0

  • In Internet Explorer 10 and in Skype on Windows 8, fix a problem with the navigator object.
  • Initial version.