Golden Cursor

This add-on allows you to move the mouse using a keyboard and save mouse positions for applications.

Key commands

  • nvda+shift+L: view a list of the saved positions.
  • nvda+control+l: save a position.
  • nvda+win+c: select the level of movement.
  • nvda+win+r: toggle mouse restriction.
  • nvda+win+s: toggle the reporting of pixels.
  • nvda+win + j: open a dialog to type the X, Y position you want to jump to.
  • nvda+win+ p: reporting the pixels for the current position pointer.
  • nvda+win+arrowKeys: move the mouse in different directions.
  • Note: these gestures can be reassigned from the input gestures dialog in the nvda preferences menu.


  • When sharing positions, each party should use same display resolution.
  • For maximum compatibility, you should maximize windows by pressing Windows+Up arrow.
  • When sharing positions, existing position labels should be renamed.