Add-ons and backwards incompatible NVDA releases

Note: this document is based on an older "NVDA add-ons and Python 3" document, which is also available for historical reasons.

This page aims to document add-ons compatible with latest backwards incompatible version of NVDA, as well as highlighting their status regarding their availability on this website.

What you need to know about backwards incompatible NVDA releases and add-ons

Once a year, NV Access may publish a backwards incompatible NVDA release. Here, "backwards incompatible" refers to NVDA releases that make add-ons incompatible due to API changes. When this happens, authors must test their add-ons for compatibility and release updates accordingly.

As mentioned in the NVDA's user guide:

The Incompatible Add-ons Manager, which can be accessed via the "view incompatible add-ons" button in the Add-on manager, allows you to inspect any incompatible add-ons, and the reason they are considered incompatible. Add-ons are considered incompatible when they have not been updated to work with significant changes to NVDA, or when they rely on a feature not available in the version of NVDA you are using. The Incompatible add-ons manager has a short message to explain its purpose as well as the version of NVDA.

The Incompatible add-ons manager also has an "About add-on..." button. This dialog will provide you with the full details of the add-on, which is helpful when contacting the add-on author.

Key changes in backwards incompatible NVDA releases

Below is a list of backwards incompatible NVDA releases and key changes in each:

  • 2019.3: Python 2 to 3, speech refactor
  • 2021.1: code refactoring, wxPython 4.1.1

Note to add-on authors: when backwards incompatible NVDA release enters beta testing phase (with the release of beta 1), be sure to test your add-ons and report your next steps, including update plans and release announcements to NVDA community through various channels (add-ons list, users list, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Also, send a pull request against nvaccess/addonFiles repo on GitHub so that updated add-ons can be posted on this website.

Unless otherwise specified, add-ons listed on this page are checked against latest backwards incompatible NVDA release (2021.1).

Status of add-ons compatible with NVDA 2021.1 and availability on the website

Below is a list of add-ons hosted on this website (in the stable section). The list also includes contact information for add-on author(s).


  • Add-on compatibility status subject to change without notice.
  • Please do NOT change the manifest.ini file of incompatible add-ons if you don't know what you're doing since this may result in unpredictable behavior such as making NVDA less stable.
  • When maintainers have asked to post an add-on on the website via a pull request, this will be reflected as "coming soon to the website".


Add-on Updater

Add-ons Documentation

Addon to count elements of selected text

Audio Themes


Beep keyboard

Bluetooth Audio

Braille Extender

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: André-Abush Clause



Character Information

Check Input Gestures

Classic Selection

Clip Contents Designer

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Noelia Ruiz Martínez


Clock and calendar Add-on for NVDA

Console Toolkit

Control Usage Assistant

Crash Hero

Day of the week

Debug Helper/Dev Helper

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Note: renamed to Dev Helper in 2021
  • Contact: Luke Davis

Developer Toolkit

Direct Link


  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Patrick Zajda, Filaos and other contributors

Dual Voice

  • Compatible: Yes (external link
  • Contact: Seyed Mahmood Taghavi-Shahri

Easy Table Navigator



Enhanced Aria

Enhanced Touch Gestures

Event Tracker


  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Hrvoje Katić, NVDA Add-ons Team

Focus Highlight

Golden Cursor



Input Lock



Lambda Add-On for NVDA

  • Compatible: Yes (not updated on the website)
  • Contact: Alberto Zanella, Ivan Novegil

Mozilla Apps Enhancements


  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Abdel, Rémy Ruiz, Abdellah Zineddine, Jean-François Colas


  • Compatible: No
  • Contact: Sergey Shishmintzev


  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Note: new releases are compatible with 2021.1 only, older versions should be used for older NVDA releases
  • Contact: Alberto Buffolino


Numpad Nav Mode

NVDA Remote Support

NVDA Unmute

NVDAUpdate Channel Selector

NV Speech Player.

  • Compatible: No
  • Contact: NV Access

Object Location Tones



Outlook Extended

PC Keyboard Braille Input for NVDA

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Noelia Ruiz Martínez

Phonetic Punctuation


Proxy support for NVDA

Quick Dictionary

Read Feeds

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Noelia Ruiz Martínez, Mesar Hameed

Report Passwords

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Noelia Ruiz Martínez

Report Symbols

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Noelia Ruiz Martínez

Resource Monitor

Review Cursor Copier



Speak Passwords

Speech History

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Tyler Spivey, James Scholes

Station Playlist

  • Compatible: Yes (updated on the website)
  • Contact: Geoff Shang, Joseph Lee and other contributors

Switch synth

Synth ring settings selector


TeamTalk Classic

  • Compatible: Yes (not updated on the website)
  • Contact: Doug Lee with initial work by Tyler Spivey and others

Text Information


Time Zoner

  • Compatible: No
  • Contact: Munawar Bijani

Tip of the Day

Tony's enhancements


Tone Master

Training Keyboard commands


Virtual Review

VLC Media Player

Weather Plus

Windows App Essentials

Windows Magnifier

Win Wizard


Zoom Accessibility Enhancements