Perky Duck

  • Authors: Alejandro Iván Castro Orozco, Noelia Ruiz Martínez

This add-on is used to improve the reading experience with Perky Duck, available at


  • Enables NVDA to detect selection changes when UI Automation is disabled in Perky Duck. Without the add-on, NVDA detects these changes only when UI Automation is enabled.
  • Adds the possibility of using the speak typed characters feature of NVDA in Perky Duck documents.


The following commands can be assigned from NVDA's menu, Preferences submenu, Input gestures dialog, Perky Duck category. This will be available from Perky Duck documents:

  • Opens the symbols dialog for reading characters typed in Perky. From this dialog, you can save and choose symbols dictionaries.
  • Shows the selected text converted to braille using symbols for the current language.
  • Shows the selected text in browse mode.