Read Feeds

This addon provides a straightforward way to read feeds in Atom or RSS formats using NVDA. The feeds will not be refreshed automatically. Below when we mention feeds, we mean both RSS and ATOM feeds.

Installation or Update

If you used a previous version of this addon, and there is an RSS or personalFeeds folder in your personal NVDA configuration folder, when installing the current version, a dialog will ask if you want to upgrade or install. Choose update to preserve your saved feeds and to continue using them in the new installed version of readFeeds.


Read Feeds menu

You can access the Read Feeds submenu from the nvda menu, Tools submenu, where the following menu options are available:


Opens a dialog with the following controls:

  • Filter by: An edit box to search previously saved feeds.
  • A list of the saved feeds, focused when the dialog is opened.
  • List of articles: Opens a dialog which presents the articles list from your current feed. Select the article you want to read and press Enter or Open web page of selected article button to open the corresponding page in your browser. Press About article button to open a dialog showing title and link of the selected article; from this dialog, you'll be able to copy this info to the clipboard.
  • Open feed: Opens the selected feed in the default application.
  • Open feed as HTML: Opens the selected feed in the default web browser. You will be able to show or hide publication dates and buttons to copy information about articles to clipboard.
  • Copy feed address: Opens a dialog to confirm if you want to copy the feed address to clipboard.
  • New: Opens a dialog with an edit box to enter the address of a new feed. If the address is valid and the feed can be saved, its name, based on the feed title, will appear at the bottom of the feeds list.
  • Rename: Opens a dialog with an edit box to rename the selected feed.
  • Delete: Opens a dialog to delete the selected feed after confirmation.
  • Set default: Sets the selected feed as the default, so that its articles can be accessed with NVDA's gestures.
  • Open folder containing a backup of feeds: Opens a folder which may contain a backup of feeds. This can be useful to explore and delete feeds which shouldn't be imported when the add-on is updated.
  • Preferences: Opens the settings dialog for readFeeds, also available in NVDA's menu, Preferences, settings, readFeeds category.
  • Close: Closes the Feeds dialog.
  • If a feed named tempFeed is created, please rename it, as this file could be replaced when needed to create a feed whose name already exists.
  • The feed set as the default can't be removed. The addressFile feed will be use as the default when the configuration is reset, so it can't be deleted.
  • The Filter by edit box can be placed after the Open article button from NVDA's menu, Preferences, Settings, Read feeds category, or pressing the Preferences button of the Feeds dialog.

Copy feeds folder

Opens a dialog to choose a folder where you can save the personalFeeds directory of your feeds. By default the selected folder is the NVDA's configuration directory, which will create the personalFeeds directory.

Restore feeds

Opens a dialog to select a folder which replaces your feeds in the personalFeeds folder. Make sure you load a folder containing feeds URLs.

Keyboard commands

  • Ctrl+Shift+NVDA+Space: Announces current article's URL. Pressing twice will open the web page.
  • Ctrl+Shift+NVDA+8: Refreshes the selected feed and announces its most recent title.
  • Ctrl+Shift+NVDA+I: Announces current feed title and link. Pressing twice will copy the title and related link to clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Shift+NVDA+U: Announces previous feed title.
  • Ctrl+Shift+NVDA+O: Announces next feed title.


  • When the title or URL have been copied.
  • When unable to connect/refresh a feed, or the URL does not correspond to a valid feed.
  • NVDA will display an error message if it was not possible to backup or restore the personalFeeds folder, and if a new feed cannot be created.
  • The title of the articles list dialog displays the selected feed name and number of items available.

Changes for 12.0

  • Fixed a bug which made shortcuts for items of NVDA's tools menu don't work as expected.

Changes for 11.0

  • Compatible with NVDA 2021.1

Changes for 10.0

  • Added a button to open the selected feed as HTML in the default web browser.
  • If a new feed cannot be created, this will be notified in an error dialog.
  • Improved order and presentation of some articles.
  • More feeds may be supported.
  • When the feeds dialog is opened, the list of feeds will be focused instead of the search edit box.
  • You can choose if the search edit box is placed after the list of feeds, useful to focus the list even when switching from another window without closing the Feeds dialog.
  • Added a button to copy the feed address to clipboard from the feeds dialog.

Changes for 9.0

  • Requires NVDA 2019.3 or later.

Changes for 8.0

  • When the add-on is updated, feeds saved in the previous version of the add-on will be automatically copied to the new version, unless you prefer to import feeds saved in the main configuration folder of NVDA.
  • When using the dialog to copy feeds, if the chosen folder is not named personalFeeds, a subfolder with this name will be created to prevent the deletion of directories containing important data, such as Documents or Downloads.

Changes for 7.0

  • The Feeds dialog includes a button to open a folder which may contain a backup of feeds.
  • When using the edit box to filter feeds, if no results are found, the list of feeds and other controls are disabled, so that NVDA doesn't report "unknown" in the empty list.
  • If the list of articles dialog can't be shown, for example due to errors in the feed, NVDA will raise an error, so that the feeds dialog can be used without restarting NVDA.

Changes for 6.0

  • When the default feed has been updated and it stops working due to server issues, the previous articles aren't deleted and can be read with the corresponding keystrokes.
  • Fix regression: The default feed can be updated twice again.

Changes for 5.0

Changes for 4.0

  • Added a button to open the selected feed from the Feeds dialog.

Changes for 3.0

  • The dialogs to manage feed files have been removed. Now their functionality is included in the Feeds dialog.
  • The visual presentation of the dialogs has been enhanced, adhering to the appearance of the dialogs shown in NVDA.
  • The default feed is saved on the NVDA's configuration. Therefore, it's possible to set different default feeds in configuration profiles.
  • Requires NVDA 2016.4.

Changes for 2.0

  • Add-on help is available from the Add-ons Manager.

Changes for 1.0

  • Initial version.