• Author(s): Abdel, Noelia.


此加载项是根据 nvda-addons 邮件列表中的成员的请求创建的。

It provides a script without gesture, which allows to retrieve and give the language of the current keyboard.

如果按两次, 则提供系统的默认语言。



To set a gesture to the script giving the keyboard language, follow these steps:

  • Open the NVDA's menu, with "NVDA + N";
  • Go to NVDA's preferences menu;
  • Then go to the submenu "Input gestures".
  • Then select the category "Input", and open it with right arrow.
  • Go to the item labeled "Gives the language of the keyboard in use, if pressed twice, give the default language of the system";
  • Once done, press Alt + A to add a gesture, and type "NVDA + F4" or another gesture of your choice;
  • This done, press the up arrow once, you hear "your chosen gesture, all layout";
  • Validate on enter, then tab to OK then enter;
  • Your chosen gesture should then call the script giving keyboard language.


  • This add-on is compatible with the versions of NVDA ranging from 2019.3 and beyond.

Changes for 20240326.0.0

  • Updated compatibility for nvda-2024.1.;
  • Deleted download link from readme, the download link for future updates will now only be available from the add-on store.

Changes for 20231229.0.0

  • Added a backward compatible implementation to support speak on demand mode, which will soon be available with nvda-2024.1.

Changes for 20230729.0.0

  • Applied the flake8 and mypy rules to the code;
  • Changed the minimum supported NVDA version to 2019.3 to support annotations introduced in Python 3.
  • Removed the "NVDA + F4" gesture calling the script giving the keyboard language., to allow users to choose their preferred gesture.

Changes for version 20230426.0.0 and beyond

  • Changed version number, minimum NVDA version and download link according to store conventions/requirements.


  • 现在使用YY.MM形式的版本号(年份为2位数,后跟一个点,后跟月份为2位数);
  • Added compatibility with the new versioning format of add-on, appeared since nvda 2019.1.


  • 插件已从getCurKeyboardLanguage重命名为sayCurrentKeyboardLanguage;
  • 在插件中添加了GPL许可证;
  • 将脚本getCurKeyboardLanguage添加到“系统状态”类别;
  • 修复了代码中的一些错误。


  • 发布初始版本。