Say Product Name and Version

This NVDA add-on adds a shortcut to announce product name and version of the foreground application, or copies this information to the clipboard.

  • Shortcut: NVDA+shift+v
  • Press it twice to copy product name and version to the clipboard.
  • Press it three times to copy only the version to the clipboard.

This shortcut may be remapped in the Tools category of NVDA's Input Gestures.

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  • To find out the Windows version with this add-on, you can focus on any Windows component (such as desktop, the start menu, the run dialog, etc.), and press the shortcut key. Note, that this does not give you the release version name, such as "23H3". Instead it gives you something closer to the build version, as you would get from the second line of the "winver" command.
  • To get the NVDA version, open any NVDA dialog or menu, and press this add-on's shortcut key. For example, press NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu, then press NVDA+shift+v, then press escape to leave the menu.