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The following add-ons are no longer actively developed or compatible with earlier NVDA releases. This is more so for add-ons incompatible with backwards incompatible version of NVDA. Some add-ons listed below were deprecated as functionality were included in earlier stable NVDA releases. For most of them, last compatible version and reason for deprecation are listed.

If you wish to maintain these add-ons, including making them compatible with recent NVDA releases, you can request to become the maintainer by writing to the add-ons development mailing list. The source code repositories of these add-ons can be listed here, patches welcome. More information about this procedure can be found by going to requirements section.

Screen Curtain

Posted Tue Aug 7 19:05:16 2018

Enhanced Aria

Posted Sun May 21 02:11:59 2017


Posted Sat Feb 1 21:30:34 2014

Bit Che

Posted Fri Dec 6 10:30:33 2013